Girraween National Park 2018

Have you ever pushed yourself so hard physically that you can feel your jugular jump out of your neck. That all you can hear is the sound of your heart pumping not in your chest but right there in your ears! Today I hit 186bpm forcing myself to push harder and faster on the way up the slick granite face of the Pyramids in Girraween National Park.

A quick 2.5hr drive South West from my home in Raceview had me pulling into the carpark at the Ranger station. Greeted by the friendliest and most helpful ranger I have met to date, I decided on the sights to see and where I was staying for the night.

First up was the Northern Loop:

The Pyramids (1 and 2) are super popular as they are only 1.8km from the main camp areas. As this story started these are not for the faint of heart. Pyramid 1 has a trail marked with white paint strips leading to the summit. *Make sure you try and topple the balancing rock on the top.*

To climb pyramid 2 you have to slide on your arse off the edge of #1 and disappea…

Walls of Jerusalem 2018

Walls of Jerusalem 2018

This adventure started almost 8 months earlier when Erica started planning my surprise birthday hiking adventure. We snagged super cheap flights from Brisbane to Launceston and a quick trip turned into four days in Walls of Jerusalem followed by six days on the Overland Track.
Monday 05 Feb
Our first day started off with a hearty brekky at Great Scot before taking our hire car for a spin out to Mole Creek caves. We took the Great Cathedral tour through Marakoopa Cave and were blown away by the crystalline structures. In the main cavern the cave ceiling looked like the night sky illuminated by the green glow of glow worms trying to attract some prey.

A further 45 min drive down dirt roads had us taking a break for lunch on the banks of the Rowallan Dam. We already started our hiking style lunches with tuna and noodles. I would have preferred a feast of rainbow trout that you could catch in the dam but never brought my fishing gear.

The Walls of Jerusalem carpark w…